Monday, October 4, 2010

Rex of URL

Hey all, anyone still here?

Wow... Way over a year since I kicked this thing off (then let it collect dust all over again).

So today is a new horizon, as I have finally registered a domain, as a first step to having my own functioning website without having to rely exclusively on deviantArt, MySpace, Facebook, etc as an official home on the web for my art and other whereabouts.

So here it is, this page is now, finally the official home of .

...and there was much rejoicing. Yayyyyyyyyyy

- Robby


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging, Robby.

  2. I got your back. Check out my photo blogs, i just kicked off...:

  3. Hey John! Yep, now hopefully I'll manage to maintain this thing like I intended to...

    Thanks Dre, checkin' 'em now!

  4. Rob! where the heck have youbeen!!!!

  5. LOL

    Hey Vince! Been here and there, everywhere, but I haven't gone anywhere! Just busy juggling work and life, pretty much.

    How've you been man?