Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tools of the Trade

Well I finally bit the bullet, and got a Wacom Cintiq pen display. This thing is just incredible, and truly has to be experienced first hand to be fully appreciated. Hands-on drawing, with no need to scan. Increasing productivity. Improving work quality. The old Intuos was great, and I had many years of valuable service out of it, but nothing beats the true hands-on feel of having the pen right on the drawing surface like the Cintiq does. It's an amazing device, no doubt, and I am so glad to finally have one to use full time.
- Robby


  1. Right on dude. I've been using a Cintiq for a little over a year now. Though I have the smaller model. There is no way I'd ever go back to the standard tablet unless I absolutely had to.
    I see a Smudgeguard there too. Another must have!


  2. sweet how do you like it?
    WOrth Every Penny!